Federal VET Diploma in Information Technology

If you’d like to work in IT departments of international companies, if you’re looking for a varied professional career, like speaking English and enjoy working with other cultures, the Informatikerin/Informatiker EFZ  - Federal VET Diploma in Information Technology - is an ideal choice for you.

What’s so special about this international apprenticeship?
English is the language used as standard in the international host companies. The program aims to provide an internationally recognized language certificate.

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The following two fields of study can be completed in Vocational Education and Training International

Han Junhyeok

Information Technology apprentice, Roche Diagnostics International AG


Learning in international vocational program leads me to a few challenges: overcoming the language barrier and cultural difference, different style of courses in which I have to be active. And as any other challenges, there will be achievement and improvement of me afterwards.
Junhyeok Han